About Us

The Need for Strides Pedorthics

Strides Pedorthics is the culmination of owner Michael Gorman’s thirty years of experience in the field of orthotics and prosthetics and, particularly, his observations of patients with foot-related problems. His passion and expertise in the industry of orthotics and orthopedic footwear allowed him to develop a deep and meaningful understanding of patient issues. However, Michael observed that once patients were fit with foot orthotics, they had trouble finding footwear to accommodate them.

Not only that, but there were few professionals who were able to properly fit orthotics into shoes. Patients made numerous trips between their orthotic providers’ offices and shoe stores until adequate footwear was found. This wastes your time, effort, and money! Frequently, patients were relegated to wearing footwear that they felt were unattractive and didn’t suit their lifestyle or workplace. Even with orthotics, Michael believes patients still deserve footwear that meets their needs in comfort and style.

These experiences led Michael into a unique business endeavour, a place where people could get their footwear and orthotic needs met in one location.

Our Mission

Strides Pedorthics began with the mission of helping people meet their needs by matching footwear with orthotic and orthopedic support based on their lifestyle and activities. Our clients will no longer have difficulties matching their orthotics with their footwear, nor waste time, money, and effort trying to find the perfect fit. At Strides, we are committed to improving lives by providing the best orthotics, the best shoes, and the best service in the Lower Mainland. Put your feet in our hands, and we know you will be glad you did!

Strides Pedorthics was incorporated in 1997, and opened for business in White Rock, British Columbia. In 2006, Strides moved to its current location in the Semiahmoo Professional Building in South Surrey. Our expanded premises has allowed us to offer a wider selection of footwear, orthotics, and orthopedic products and services in Surrey and White Rock, with an on-site orthotics lab, gait lab, clinical assessment area and footwear showroom with over 400 styles.

What We Do

Our men’s and women’s footwear is designed to maximize the effectiveness of our orthotics and provide the most effective and efficient therapy for your feet. Your new orthopedic footwear will be stylish, supportive, and custom designed to fit your unique lifestyle and needs. Strides is recommended by many healthcare professionals and we welcome medical prescriptions and extended health care insurance coverage, if available. Whatever problems you may be having with your feet, trust that Strides Pedorthics in South Surrey and White Rock will be able to find the right orthotic solution for you, your friends, and your family.

We work with medical professionals to design custom orthopedic solutions that cater to your individual needs. At Strides Pedorthics, our Surrey and White Rock location staff use a collaborative team approach to help solve all of your orthopedic foot-related problems. Together, we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure you leave with the perfect set of orthotics or orthopedic footwear.