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Come In and See Us!

We’re excited for you to come by and visit us at Strides Pedorthics, located in the Surrey and White Rock area. Our expanded premises have allowed us to offer a wider selection of products and services, with over 400 footwear styles in our showroom.

We welcome all patients from Surrey, White Rock, and beyond, to discover new levels of style and comfort with Strides Pedorthics orthotics and orthopedic footwear. Before you visit us, please make sure to read and learn what to bring to your first appointment, and check how to access your insurance benefits.

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

At Strides Pedorthics, in Surrey and White Rock, we have a trained team of professional footwear experts who work collaboratively to find you the perfect orthopedic footwear solution that fits your unique needs. In order for us to accurately complete an assessment of your feet, we’ll need to see the types of footwear you wear on a daily basis. Please bring a variety of footwear in which you spend the most time, and the footwear you wear at home.

We know how important it is for you to receive fast and reliable service. Your team at Strides Pedorthics is sure to work quickly and effectively. We will spend time with you assessing your feet in our clinical assessment area, making recommendations within our footwear showroom, and creating custom orthotics in our on-site laboratory. We are your one-stop shop so you can get back to your daily routine in no time. Please allow one hour for your first appointment with us so we can provide you with the best and most complete service.

Accessing Insurance Benefits

Many benefit plans include custom orthotics and/or orthopedic footwear. Since each plan is unique to the company for which you work, you will need to check the details of your plan with your insurance provider. Most plans require a medical doctor’s prescription to access benefits. Some plans require pre-authorization for access to their benefits. Make sure you are clear on how to access your insurance benefits, so we can provide the best service for you.

Strides Pedorthics in Surrey and White Rock has extensive experience helping our clients access their benefit plans for orthotics and comfortable orthopedic footwear. We keep detailed, confidential records of our clients’ biomechanical assessments, orthotics construction, and footwear purchases. We can help you access your benefit plans by providing proper documentation.

Third Party Billing

Strides is an authorized provider for the following:

  • Veteran’s Affairs Canada
  • Ministry of Social Development BC
  • Worksafe BC
  • RCMP
  • ICBC