Orthopedic Modifications

Strides’ technicians provide many types of orthopedic modifications to footwear. Because of the convenience of our on-site laboratory, clients from Surrey and White Rock can have their orthopedic modifications needs met quickly and conveniently. Our footwear inventory includes many styles that are easily modified, and we can modify any set of our custom-made Strides orthotics.

At Strides Pedorthics in Surrey and White Rock, we can apply modifications to both your orthotics and your orthopedic footwear. Our team works quickly and effectively to minimize your wait time, and quickly get you back to your daily routine! It’s important that your orthotics provide you with absolute comfort, and Strides is here to make sure that happens.

If you’re not sure what modifications are necessary for your unique situation, we invite you to come into our location where we can help you with a complete assessment, provide recommendations, and perform your custom modification in our on-site Surrey and White Rock Strides Pedorthics laboratory.

For specialized needs, our experienced technicians provide a variety of orthopedic modifications:

  • Full raises (by prescription) – raises can be applied to your shoes to correct for leg length discrepancies
  • Strap extensions for edema
  • Temporary modifications for variable swelling or postoperative swelling
  • Shoe stretching for bunions or hammertoes
  • Velcro conversions – alteration from lace-up shoes to Velcro for arthritis or mobility problems
  • Accessibility modifications – D-rings and loops for back problems, hip or knee replacement recovery
  • Bilateral rocker soles


Foot Appliances

Depending on your foot-related issue, you may require additional foot appliances to achieve your desired level of comfort. We carry a variety of foot appliances to address specific problems such as:

  • Hammer toe cushions
  • Toe separators
  • Arch cushions
  • Hallux valgus night resting splints